Jean de La Bruyère

100 Quotes by Jean de la Bruyère

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‘100 Quotes by Jean de la Bruyère’ is a collection of thoughts from the French philosopher, moralist, and author of ‘Caractères’.

Known particularly for his satirical take on philosophy and ethics, Bruyère once wrote "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think."

‘100 Quotes by Jean de la Bruyère’ is the ideal read for those wanting an extra bit of motivation throughout their day.

Jean de la Bruyère (1645-1696) was a French philosopher born in Paris. In 1684 he was introduced to the household of Louis, Prince of Condé, and became a tutor to the prince’s grandson, Louis de Bourbon. His critical and only book, ‘Caractères’, was published in 1688 and gained him many enemies.
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