Paul Pilkington

The One You Trust

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Experience the gripping third and final instalment of the bestselling Emma Holden suspense mystery trilogy, with its trademark twists, turns and cliff-hangers.

If you think you know the truth, think again...

Following a sequence of sinister events Emma Holden is now happily married, and hoping that the nightmare is finally over.

However, she doesn't realise that the biggest danger is yet to come.

Sinister accusations and shocking revelations sow mistrust, threatening to tear Emma and her friends apart. Soon, Emma must fight for her life as the terrible truth behind Dan's disappearance is revealed.

Mystery, suspense and romance are combined in the thrilling trilogy set in London, England, which has gained over five thousand five star ratings online, and topped the charts around the world.

If you enjoy the novels of Lisa Jewell, CL Taylor, or Lisa Gardner, you'll love the Emma Holden trilogy.
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