Martha Carr,Michael Anderle,Judith Berens

The Dark Princess

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When a Power Broker is threatened, she knows who to call… a Brownstone.
Alison and her team have to travel across the world to protect Abigail Wilson, CEO of Aeternum, as she negotiates for mining rights of a mysterious crystal. Drysi Jones comes along for the ride.
The simple escort mission turns deadly. They aren’t the only ones interested in the crystal’s power.
Dark wizards attack… again. Haven’t they given up yet?
Nothing like getting tested by a hail of ammo to see if Drysi is a good fit for Brownstone Security.
Together, they must discover the truth behind the crystal’s origin and stop the devious bastards from fulfilling their dastardly plot.
Failure is never an option for this Drow princess.
Kate Rudd
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