Last Star

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In the last few years to the end of the last star in the universe, galaxies have been destroyed by black holes, which prevail and make the universe a cold and dark place. Humanity explores space in search of a new home before the collapse of the Milky Way until a group of settlers manages to colonize another planet outside the solar system.
Technologies to perpetuate memories in robots are developed during the long journey and the human being manages to achieve the dream of immortality! Automata are created to receive the minds of humans in their bodies. But the apparent peace between the colonists ends when disagreements arise from who can be perpetuated and what ideas must be preserved. Issues of identity, loneliness and the difficulty of dealing with changes in body and mind are discussed.
Years go by before a theory about parallel universes is put to the test on a mission to study a black hole. A group of robots explores the universe and is about to cross the space/time barrier, in a portal to other worlds. They witness admirable phenomena, only speculated by Science. At the edge, they discover that the transition to other multiverses requires more than technology. Time and space travel reveals more about their alter egos than events that occur in other dimensions. Trapped in space and time, travelers fail to draw on the forces of nature and the past that hold them back. How to break free from the past? What to do not to experience death and be swallowed by the emptiness of existence?
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