Rachel Porter

The Shadow Work Workbook

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How come you’ve done so much inner work and still feel stuck without much progress?Most probably, you haven’t looked at your.. SHADOW.You haven’t looked at and built the most important relationship in your life (yet): The relationship with yourself.
Hello, beautiful being! You want to do Shadow Work but you don't know how or where to start? You came to the right place.
How can you know if your shadow is affecting your life?
- You're feeling that you have to shift between identities & masks, hold yourself back to "belong"
- You attract the same patterns over & over again and don't know why or how to stop it
- Anytime you're trying to take action toward your dream you doubt yourself or expect the worst
- You have trouble communicating and expressing your emotions to other people
- You get easily triggered by other people - their actions (or inaction) or comments
- You're feeling invisible, unheard or misunderstood by other people
You haven’t looked at and built the most important relationship in your life (yet).. The relationship with yourself
Here's a little sneak preview of what you’ll get:
- The Seven Steps to Creating Lasting Change
- The Power of Thoughts and Beliefs
- Identifying Your Subconscious Beliefs
- How to Change Your Limited Beliefs
- Understanding and Overcoming Trauma
- Decoding the Subconscious
- Understanding Your Dreams
- Getting to Know Your Triggers and Healing Them
- The 3-2-1 Method
- The Mirror Technique
- Meeting Your Inner Adult and Inner Child
- Realigning with your Authentic Self
- Learning to Structure Your Goals
- Finding Your Life Purpose
- How to Determine Your Attachment Style
Start your healing journey & free your shadow
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