Maisie Dean

State of the Art Heist

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Kacey Chance is an aspiring actress with a cute face and a plucky attitude. She's trying to break into Hollywood, but it isn't easy. She was the prettiest girl in her hometown, but in LA she's a dime a dozen.
When a friend offers Kacey a job working at a detective agency, the young actress jumps at the opportunity. Maybe this is the role she's been looking for.
The detective agency is unlike any she's ever seen in the movies. It's run by three handsome, single brothers and their sassy grandmother. Her first day at the agency is anything but boring. She's put on the case right away, infiltrating the world of LA's rich elites. Soon Kacey is finding clues for her new bosses, and having the time of her life.
The case involves a piece of artwork that was stolen during a big Hollywood party. There's strong evidence it was taken by the host's ex-wife,seeking revenge. But a visit to the suspect's posh LA penthouse only reveals more suspects with more motives. There's the colorful artist who created the masterpiece, jealous film executives, and more ex-wives. Even the catering company is acting suspiciously.
Kacey is deep into the investigation when she discovers her employers are in trouble. The financial kind. If this case goes wrong, and they lose their biggest client, the Booker Brothers Detective Agency could be shutting down for good.
It's up to Kacey to solve the mystery of the State of the Art Heist, save the agency, and keep her new job, which really is the role of a lifetime.
There are plenty of laughs and tons of twists in this feel-good cozy mystery from debut author Maisie Dean!
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