London Lavender

‘London Lavender’ is not a story; it is a party. It is a party at which Mr Lucas invites his readers to meet all sorts of interesting and unusual seeming guests, and lets them tell their queer and quaint and funny ideas about life, and gives little sketches of their history. And yet when one thinks them over, the guests at Mr Lucas’s party are not, after all, such extraordinary folk; many of them are just the sort of people that we meet every day; it is the social genius of their host that has shown them in their most interesting light, and made us see them as unusual individuals.Mr Lucas is not a novelist he is a host. And as such we have not, in all the days literarature, his equal.’ NEW YORK TIMES OCT 1912. The book was extensively published throughout the years 1913 to 1919. It must have given much needed light relief in that dark period of history.
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