Monique Joiner Siedlak

Connecting with your Ancestors

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How difficult is it to communicate with your ancestors?We sense their presence, instinctively, and wish to communicate with them. It’s time to realize it is possible.
There are numerous reasons you may want to learn how to communicate with your ancestors. For me, the main reason is for healing. To ultimately let go of old hurts and not transfer them on to the next generation.
Within this, you will learn:
• The Traditions of Ancestral Communication
• Who is an Ancestor?
• Spiritually Connect With Your Ancestors
• How to create an ancestral shrine or altar as well as offerings and prayers.
Just like any other relationship, you will need to work at it. Be consistent. Your ancestors will respond to you. By increasing your awareness, you may see the signs they are trying to show you.
The best way to begin is now!


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