C.L. R. Draeco

A Ghost for a Clue

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A bold blend of hard science fiction and the supernatural
The first book in a series tracing the origins of the science of Immortology
Bram Morrison, an aspiring astronaut, has always believed that death is where it all ends. Until he gets a phone call from a dead friend.
He tries to dismiss it as somebody’s bad joke, but the chilling mystery proves far too compelling. When Torula Jackson, a botanist, tells him her laboratory might be haunted, she offers him a chance to investigate—and he dares to look behind death’s door.
That choice puts a risk on his lifelong dream. NASA wants him to deepen the science of our world—not the afterworld. Exploring the bizarre is a sure way to invite ridicule. But his deepening relationship with Torula, compounded by a twist of circumstances, compels him to stay and chase the supernatural.
With each equation and each experiment, he gets closer to the answers humanity seeks about the physics of our soul, sparking objections from those who fear what he might discover. Struggling to reconcile his own skepticism with what is slowly unraveling to be real, he dares to investigate what happens to our memories after we die—starting with a ghost for a clue.
"Science that feels real." - San Francisco Book Review
“An intricate and deeply intriguing conceptual plot which, on its own, takes some thinking about long after the book is put down. A highly recommended read for sci-fi fans looking for a new and original concept.” – ★★★★★ Readers' Favorite
“Filled with in-depth discussions involving life science terminology and physics concepts that all seemed to hold together very well.” – ★★★★★ Goodreads Review
“Virtually every body of science is given the opportunity to weigh in on the subject of ghosts. Loved every moment of this book. Seriously you should give this book a go.” – ★★★★★ Goodreads Review
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