Stefania Hartley

Confetti and Lemon Blossom

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For Don Pericle, wedding organising is a calling, not just a career. Deep in the Sicilian countryside, between rose gardens and trellised balconies, up marble staircases and across damasked ballrooms, these charming stories unfold: stories of star-crossed love, of comedic misunderstandings and of deep friendships, of love triumphing in the face of adversity (pomegranate-stained dresses, overzealous photographers, missing string quartets, and even a case of sabotage!). To these brides and grooms-to-be, Don Pericle becomes a guru, a mentor, even a friend, solving problems, untangling knots, rearranging menus and transforming lives.
In “The Princess and the Pea”, Natalia wants a fairy-tale wedding, whatever the cost: but what does that mean for the rest of her life with Marco? Sophia and Isaias’s families, in “Be Our Guest”, have decided to boycott the wedding. How will they figure out a way to fill out the guest list? Meanwhile, in “Daniela’s Big Day,” the bride’s older sister is dreading the bouquet toss. Can Don Pericle find a way to ease her worries?
Fishmongers and Ferrari drivers, dressmakers and divorcees, gardeners and grandmothers: within the walls of Villa Lingualarga, all are offered a new chance at understanding each other – and maybe even finding true love.

“A super read, and we all enjoyed the quirky, insightful style of storytelling” - The People's Friend editorial team
"What a lovely story - so sweet and funny. Don Pericle is such an interesting character - we all need someone like that in our lives!" - Ewan Smith, author of pocket novels, short stories and poems
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