How Technology Can Help To Get Killer Abs - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #073

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This week, the 20 Minute Fitness crew really starts to get ready for summer. Because the number 1 summer must-have that will never go out of fashion is your abs. So on today's episode Charlie gets into some magical products that can help with building the abs of your dreams this summer.
But of course, it's important to mention that while all these apps and gadgets are there to support you, they won't do the work for you. So firstly, lay down the number one rule, which is to burn more calories than what you consume. Secondly, decide in your head that you'll push hard to see results.
And finally, press play to learn how technology can help to get those killer abs that will go perfectly with your swimwear!
Three Things You Will Learn
1) Apps For Abs
After you put your nutrients in order, it's time to hit the gym. But instead of trying to come up with some DIY exercises, download an app and make sure you're doing everything right. The perfect app for this is iMuscle 2, which has won several awards before for a reason. iMuscle 2 is an extremely visual and detailed workout app that uses an anatomically correct 3D human model for illustration purposes. You can for instance identify muscle groups on the model and view specific exercises that target those muscle groups. And of course watch the model completing the exercises to learn the correct form.
Another excellent app is the Daily Ab Workout - Abs Fitness, which specializes in core exercises. The Daily Ab Workout app currently only has a limited number of workouts, but each of them are accompanied by instructional videos and text. This way making sure that each of your moves are on point.
Tune in to learn more about how you can use each app and which one would fit more your workout routine!
2) How To Use Electrical Muscle Stimulation
If you feel like going beyond the traditional sense of building muscles at a fairly reasonable price, check out SIXPAD's Ab Fit 2!
This gadget has 6 wings, which are designed to be fixed to your abs. Through the wings, the device uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to create involuntary muscle contractions. All you have to do is stick the specially designed gel sheets onto the wings and you can train your abs anywhere at any time with the SIXPAD Ab Fit 2.
Learn more about why the EMS technique was originally created and why SIXPAD's device is superior to other EMS devices!
3) The FDA Approved Abs
BuildingFinally, if you're ready to drop a larger amount on your sculpting the perfect abs, EmSculpt will be your solution.
EmSculpt is an FDA approved technique that supposedly builds muscle and burn fat at the same time. It makes use of high intensity focused electromagnetic field technology. This technology creates a rapidly changing magnetic field that induces electric currents in the tissue causing concentric contractions with the target muscles. During the EmSculpt treatment your abs are exposed to supramaximal contractions which increase the workload and forces your muscle tissues to adapt & respond. As a result the technique claims to have outstanding results of 20% body fat reduction and 15% abdominal muscle increase in as short as 2 weeks.
Press play to hear more about the EmSculpt, where you can get the treatment, and what the skeptics & the users say!

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