David Alexander

Google War

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FIRST CAME A-WAR, NEXT CAME B-WAR, THEN CAME C-WAR....WELCOME TO G-WAR ... GOOGLE WARDavid Alexander has penned what may be the ultimate technothriller, a groundbreaking new vision sure to set the trend for years to come. Alexander may be the first to credibly outline how, why and when a crippling blow to cyberspace could be dealt by hybrid forces with destructive cascading impact on the nation and the world in an unprecedented act of war.In page after page of this startling, revolutionary technothriller, Alexander makes bold proclamations that while portrayed as fiction, may be more than that."Always the consummate prose stylist, David Alexander also speaks tech talk like no other. What's more, the tech specs are undoubtedly real, including those that pertain to ostensibly stolen or covertly obtained Russian and Chinese weapons that have been reverse-engineered by [US military technology development agency] DARPA. Alexander's security clearance is probably higher than the president's, and his knowledge of military systems better than any three members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff," said New York Newsday of David Alexander's blockbuster thriller, GOOGLE WAR.As with other great and era-defining novels, this one too has a message; in fact several messages, accessible on many parallel and overlapping levels of meaning. Alexander sounds a warning about the threat posed by AI, artificial intelligence, and humanity's dependence on machines to do its thinking, acting and fighting...
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