Carlos Jones

I'm Broken

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Eight-year-old Bailey has spent most of her young life in a hospital. She is beginning to lose faith that she will ever be well again and desperately prays for an Angel to help her. Soon, Bailey befriends an old grumpy maintenance man (Henry Pepperknopf), and they both begin an epic journey when Bailey opens the cover of a book that Henry created for her.

An incredible adventure for young and old. A tale of courage, faith, friendship, and love unfold as Henry and Bailey fight for their survival while confined to a hospital and unspeakable darkness that is determined to overtake them. They both discover their strengths and weaknesses as they help each other face their fears. Bailey and Henry soon realize that they must finish the book that they started reading before they can find how their journey will end.

"I'm Broken" is BridgeBook® (A Full cast of actors with complete and dynamic sound effects and music)

Katlyn Fox as "Narrator"

Dave Gaylor as "Henry Pepperknopf"

Jaylen Stoneburner as "Bailey Imhoff"

Anita Farmer Bergman as "Agatha​ Pepperknopf"

Carlos Jones as "The Beast and One"

Ramsey Stoneburner as "Nurse Wiggins"

Greg Agnew as "Doctor Perkins"

Dave Moak as "David"

Luna Madison as "Elizabeth"

Vince Carson as "Doctor Rossi"

Ashley Deatherage as "Worker One"

Angel Jones as "Worker Two"

Josie Jones as "Chelsea"
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