Will Patching

Will Patching's Short Shots: Blood on their Hands

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Three Killer Thriller Quick Reads featuring villains you'll love to hate...
Enjoy a brief excursion into the warped mind of author, Will Patching, 'hosted' by award-winning narrator, Gary Furlong:
JUSTICE A Crewell story (c35 mins)
A convict is tormented by his wife’s memory — and his lack of one…
OLD FLAME — A twisted tale of lust, obsession and revenge (c70 mins)
Will Tom Creed's obsession with his deceased 'old flame' leave him badly burned?
THE BUTCHER — A Cockney killer thriller (c45 mins)
Meet Antony Harding, psychopath. He'll make your skin crawl...
Why Short Shots?
If these dark and disturbingly twisted 'short shots' leave you wanting more, they will have achieved their purpose.
Some of the characters and themes of the author's novels in The Remorseless Trilogy were inspired by these mini-thrillers. In fact, vicious psychopath Antony Harding, eponymous 'star' of The Butcher, plays a major role in book two of that series, so if you feel the urge to meet this unreformed reprobate again, you may do so...
But be warned—like all this author's fictional works—his stories are not for the faint-hearted.

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