Alfredo Botello

180 Days

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What happens when what was built to last forever will be demolished in just 180 days?
Tomas Araeta and Naomi Curran are nearing their tenth year of marriage-and on the cusp of adopting a child-when Tomas, an aspiring architect, strays with a client. Discovering the infidelity, Naomi files for divorce, but California has a mandatory six-month waiting period before the divorce can be finalized. The clock is ticking: Tomas has 180 days to win Naomi back.
This kicks off a fraught, painful, and at times humorous and absurd undertaking which will bring them in contact with a reclusive punk-rock star, aloof parents, architectural wonders, coworkers they thought they knew, friends with fragile secrets, and, most importantly, themselves. The infidelity is only the beginning of this journey.
And on day 180, Naomi and Tomas will have to answer the question facing every couple in a serious, wonderful, flawed relationship: what they each really want, and whether they still see a future together.
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