Why Dr Rhea Mehta Built The First Encrypted Wellness Platform Bowhead Health - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #074

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This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we've got Dr Rhea Mehta on the show. She's an entrepreneur with a medical background who's gone through a very diverse journey before arriving at her latest project that aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry.
Rhea has a PhD in Molecular Toxicology, is a certified health coach, the founder of Global Smoothie Day and in her free time creates Scientific Wellness content. Besides all of these, today Rhea is also the Co-Founder & CEO of Bowhead Health, a healthcare and blockchain technology company making personalized health solutions more accessible.
Listen to this week's episode to hear all about how Rhea's fighting for empowering patients to manage their own health and data using Blockchain technology!

Three Things You Will Learn

1) The Main Focus Of Bowhead Health Today

Rhea and her team have very ambitious goals in mind. Eventually they are planning to revolutionize the personal health & wellness industry at many fronts. But for now, they are taking one step at a time.
Currently Bowhead Health acts as a platform through which you can fill out health & medical surveys, track your daily healthy habits and order clinical lab tests. All your personal data is then stored in one secure place that is the Bowhead Health platform. So why is it more secure than other platforms that are linked to specific medical companies? Because Bowhead Health uses Blockchain technology to protect your data. All information that is uploaded to the Bowhead Health platform is owned and managed by you and no one else.
Tune in to learn more about why data protection is such a pressing issue in the medical industry nowadays! And to get a better idea of how Blockchain works in a healthcare setting!

2) The Anonymous Healthcare Tokens
Cryptocurrencies have been all over the place lately. But one place where we probably wouldn't have expected to see a digital currency is the health & wellness industry. Until the born of Bowhead Health of course. Another very interesting innovation that Rhea and her team have launched in their ecosystem is the 'Anonymous Health Token'. With the use of this cryptocurrency, they are introducing a reward system where users get rewarded for building out their own health records.
Press play to hear more about the first cryptocurrency in healthcare and how you will be able to benefit from it in the future!

3) The Future Of Healthcare In An Ideal World
The big vision for the Bowhead Health team is more than just a Blockchain-powered platform. It's really to have a globally integrated and secure healthcare system where patients are in charge of their own personal data. Rhea imagines a future where everyone has a digital self with all their health, wellness and fitness information. This information is only accessible and manageable by the user, who can share it with all kinds of medical professionals via the platform.
Listen to this week's episode to learn more about Rhea's vision for Bowhead Health and the future of healthcare! 

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