How Technology Can Help To Stay On Track With Your Diet - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #061

Lyt med-app
On today's 20 Minute Fitness podcast episode, we're focusing on dieting and nutrition tracking. But instead of discussing specific diets or giving you "the best" advice on what you should or shouldn't eat, Charlie talks about apps and gadgets that can come real handy in your everyday life. Press play to learn 'how technology can help to stay on track with your diet'!

Three Things You Will Learn 
1) Apps For Basic Calorie & Macronutrient Tracking
Yes, yes we all know about the MyFitnessPals and LoseIts, but you can also find other, potentially better apps on the App Store. MyNetDiary Pro for example, was ranked as the #1 mobile diet app in a study conducted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. An area where MyNetDiary seem to excel is the accuracy of foods and their nutrient contents in their library.
Tune in to hear about the other great features of MyNetDiary and to meet Yazio, another great nutrition tracking app!

2) It's All About Personalization
Moving to the mid-range category, we talk about apps that put the spotlight on personalization. 8Fit, which is both a workout and meal planner, uses a personal assessment when you first open the app to create your unique diet plan. This diet plan is entirely based on your personal data, health & fitness goals and activity level.
The Rise app takes this even a step further. These guys connect you with a real nutrition coach, who becomes your personal diet whisperer. Listen to this week's episode to get an insight into how virtual nutrition coaching will keep you accountable!

3) How To Hack Your Metabolism
One of the most exciting innovations in this arena that we have seen in the recent years is Lumen. Lumen is a tiny gadget that gives you real-time personalized nutrition advice based on your breath. And no, it is not magic, it's pure science.
All you have to do is breath into the Lumen device, which, based on the concentration of the different gases in your breath, will tell what your body is currently burning - carbs or fat. Once Lumen knows what you're burning, it will also know what you should eat. Press play to learn more!

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