Jack H. Haddock

The Subconscious Mind Superpower

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Make Your Mind a Magnet for Your Desires
Are you aware of the kind of power your subconscious truly has? It’s like a super hero – it could be wearing a cape! This book will take you through some practical and effective ways in which you can unlock and control your subconscious mind. You will find some fantastic methods that will open your eyes to the real potential that lies within you. Spoiler alert: this potential is limitless!
Unlocking the Powers of Your Subconscious Mind Has Never Been Easier!
Here are a few things in store for you:
• How to awaken the power that is latent inside you
• The powerful steps needed to re-program your mind in the correct manner
• How to tap into your subconscious mind’s superpower to transform your life immediately
• An extraordinary visualization technique
• How to heal your mind faster and how to master forgiveness
• The top ten mind-tricks that successful people use
• How to speed up the power process!
I Reveal My Life Changing Secrets about Your Subconscious Mind
If you want to leverage the most from your inner-self and you wish to make the most out of your life, let me reveal to you the best techniques and the most effective steps for how you, too, can finally achieve (and enjoy!) the changes that you desire.
I believe one 100% that success is just 5% mechanics and 95% mind-set. Think of your brain as an iceberg. Your conscious thoughts and decisions happen only at the tip, the part that’s immediately obvious above the water. However, the brain’s true power and immensity lie beneath, in the 95% of your brain that’s abuzz with your subconscious and unconscious thought processes. What lies beneath is immense!
Hi. That’s me. And that’s this book.
I am beyond excited to share the powerful process that has given me (and so many others) a life of power and purpose. This book will show you how to access that power. This book breaks down the most effective steps to make the changes and improvements in your life. It’s a blueprint for becoming fully aligned with the outcomes you desire. Once you’re truly aligned, everything starts to flow, taking you forward to the life that you dream of. With the help of this book, you will align and you will allow. It’s time to take that first step now. You have the power to write your own story and by tapping into the power of your subconscious, you can succeed in making the right impressions on your life.
So, get started today and live the life you have always dreamed of calling your own.
About the author: Jack H. Haddock is the author of the Manifestation Power Series, a series of books that have taught readers to understand the great power within each of us. With this new book, that power grows even stronger! This book draws on the old and the new, on ancient teachings and innovative paradigms. It taps into the wisdom of psychologists, researchers, masters, and teachers.


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