How To Find The Key To Motivation Interview with Jeff Haden - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #043

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On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we sat down to chat with Jeff Haden! As popular Inc.com columnist Jeff Haden writes his new book 'The Motivation Myth' to debunk the idea that one strike of motivation leads to success.

Three Things You Will Learn

1.) Busting The Myth Of Motivation with Jeff Haden
Motivation is a little more complex than just feeling motivated and getting things done. In fact, Jeff talks about how motivation is the result of success. Find out how big or small successes can be the source of your motivation in this episode!

2.) How To Make Motivation A Habit
One of the surprising ways Jeff has to hack motivation is by making it a habit. By implementing a simple rewards system you can reap the benefits of a consistently motivated environment.

3.) Sustaining Motivation and Momentum

We all know that motivation is an amazing source of momentum that can keep a project or goal moving forward. Find out how to sustain it by listening to Jeff's tips on creating a habitually motivated work flow.



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