Jeffrey Blatt

Eddy the Farting Pug

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A fart-tastic adventure through the sky – Eddy and Corky are learning to fly!

Eddy the Pug loves napping, eating marshmallows, and exploring with his friend Corky the Corgi. But all those things cause a most unfortunate side-effect for Eddy: if he’s excited, frightened or even extra happy, out comes a fart, fast and snappy!

Poor Corky suggests they go in search of fresh air, but when the friends encounter some hang gliders on the hillside, Eddy and Corky embark on a trip that takes them a little further from home than they’d planned.

At first, things look like they’re going to take a turn for the dangerous, but then Eddy’s farts save the day in spectacular fashion!

A hilarious rhyming book that will have kids (and adults!) giggling at Eddy’s windy adventures. This fart-filled tale is sure to become a beloved family listening.
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