Jessica B. Mitchell

Witchcraft The Ultimate Guide To Witchcraft , From The Tradition To The Modern Spell,Magic Rituals ,Covens And Much More

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Does witchcraft fascinate and intrigue you?
Would you like to know more about the craft and all its rituals and practices?
This book will open your eyes to a different world!
We’ve all heard stories of witches. They appear in fairy tales and folklore, are the subject of countless films and books, and whole festivals are devoted to them. The traditional image of a witch, wearing a crooked black hat and travelling on a broomstick with her faithful cat is one that endures even today, but it is far from a reality.
Inside this book, Witchcraft: The Ultimate Guide to Witchcraft, From the Traditional to the Modern. Spells, Magic Rituals, Covens and Much More, you will discover that witchcraft is closer to being a religion than anything and is linked to many other things like:
- Astrology, fortune telling and horoscopes
- The natural elements
- Divination
- Alchemy
- How to change the appearance of objects
- Magic rituals
- Egyptian numerology
- And lots more…
Packed with information on all aspects of witchcraft and touching on the supernatural and the occult, Witchcraft is more than just a fanciful and entertaining read, it is an in-depth study of an ancient and often misunderstood art.
Get a copy now and immerse yourself in a practice that will surprise and enlighten you in many unexpected ways!
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