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My beloved rascal (male version)

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Arrogant, conceited, cold, vain… those are some words used to describe Trevor Radley, owner of the most famous Gentlemen's Club in London.

The power money gave him made him forget his humble roots, transforming him an apathetic, unpleasant man. But fate will make him remember who he really is.

After discovering the cause of his biggest problem since he opened the club, Trevor becomes obsessed trying to keep her the furthest away as possible from the club.

To that end, he develops a plan, so perfect he doesn't doubt for a second that he'll achieve his goal.

However, what he doesn't know is that once he sits beside the person who can destroy him forever, everything he had planned will disappear in an instant.

Why is he unable to keep everything according to the plan? Why is it impossible to let her go?

Perhaps because deep inside he wants to know who Valeria Glesier is, and find out why he cannot stop thinking about anything but how to keep her safe…
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