Drew Hannush

The Lost History of Tennessee Whiskey

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Immerse Yourself in 250 Years of Distilleries, Taverns, Teetotallers, and 'Shiners!Think Jack and George are the complete story of Tennessee whiskey? Think again. For far too long, the real history and legacy of Tennessee whiskey has been hidden from whiskey fans. It's a history that predates both Kentucky Bourbon and the Whiskey Rebellion. From its early days, it is filled with amazing stories, legends, and villains.
Drew Hannush, the host of the Whiskey Lore podcast brings his storytelling style to The Lost History of Tennessee Whiskey. He will take you back to the very origins of the spirit and the state.
In Part One: History, you'll meet pioneer distillers like David Crockett, Andrew Jackson, and Frederick Stump. It's a unique opportunity to put yourself in their shoes, learn of their struggles, understand the tools and grains they worked with, and get to know the world that surrounded them. This is no pollyannish stroll through the glories of whiskey, its real life.
In Part Two: Lost Distillers, listen as a whiskey industry develops in Tennessee. Tennessee was an early leader in the production of whiskey and its distillers were fiercely loyal to tradition. You'll meet pre- and post-Civil War distillers. You'll learn about wildcatters and blind tigers and you will live through a political struggle between wets and dries and experience the shootout in the streets of Nashville that brought on Prohibition.
In Part Three: Revival, you hear how tough it was to bring Tennessee whiskey back. You'll follow runners down Thunder Road and see Tennessee whiskey overtake Bourbon in the 70s. You'll hear the false starts of several doomed distilleries and feel the struggles of distillers trying to bring the modern industry back.
Whiskey myths and lore will crumble before your ears. Experience the American whiskey story that has been hidden for far too long.
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