Robert Anderson

The Gospel and Its Ministry

‘The Gospel and its Ministry’ is a classic book in which Sir Robert Anderson deals in fresh and striking terms with the great truths of the Gospel of the Glory of the Blessed God, Grace, the Cross, Faith, Repentance and the Spirit's Work, Substitution, Righteousness, Election, Sanctification, Reconciliation and Justification.
“Addressed to no special class, this book is intended for all who are interested in the doctrine of the Gospel. In the past it has proved helpful to not a few inquirers after truth; and it has been used as a text-book by many who seek to teach the truth to others.” – Sir Robert Anderson, in the Preface to The Gospel and its Ministry.
It was said “Sir Robert Anderson’s books are amongst the most valuable of our day, and will long abide as a testimony to the truth of the Gospel”. Still in print a hundred and fifty years after it was first published, this book is just as helpful and enlightening as it was then.
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