Joseph E. Kelleam

Hunters Out of Space

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Hunters Out of Space is a science fiction novel by Joseph E. Kelleam.

Jack Odin has returned to the world of Opal, the world inside our own world, only to find it in ruins.

The nefarious Grim Hagen has turned traitor, laid waste to the kingdom, kidnapped the princess  Maya - and fled in his spaceship. Many of his friends are gone, the world is flooded, and the woman he swore to protect has been taken to the stars.

Jack must save her, but the difficulties are great and his allies are few. With the help of the faithful dwarf Gunnar, Odin obtains his own ship and pursues Hagen across the galaxy.

Hunters Out of Space was originally published in the May, 1960 issue of Amazing Science Fiction Stories.

Total running time (TRT): 4 hours, 26 min.

Joseph Everidge Kelleam (1913-1975), born in Boswell, Oklahoma, was an American writer. His first story, Rust, appeared in Astounding Science Fiction in 1939.
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