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Entrepreneur Voices on Emotional Intelligence

Improve your EQ
Success as an entrepreneur takes a lot more than big ideas and dedication. With threats of burnout and rejection at nearly every turn, the entrepreneurial journey is riddled with obstacles—but the staff, experts, and voices of Entrepreneur want you to know you're not alone.
Entrepreneur Voices on Emotional Intelligence brings you real-world strategies to help you get brutally honest with yourself and boost your emotional intelligence. Dive in and learn how to:
Assess and manage your own EQ levelsStop negative thoughts in their tracks to stay focusedDecipher nonverbal cues that are the key to your successShut down emotional manipulators before they suck the life out of youDevelop a positive relationship with failureCope with the grief, loneliness, and self-doubt that all entrepreneurs facePropel your career with regular EQ maintenancePlus, gain tips and tricks to become more likable, win big in your negotiations, and leverage emotions when marketing your business.
Foreword by Lewis Howes
Edited by Jonathan Small
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