Alex Wheatle

Kemosha of the Caribbean

Kemosha and her brother have lived their whole lives in slavery. Sold away to work in lawless Port Royal, Kemosha takes her chance to escape brutal treatment. With fortune on her side, Kemosha befriends Ravenhide, a man with a mysterious past who teaches her the art of swordfighting, and introduces her to the beautiful runaway Isabella.

Yet Kemosha's greatest test yet is upon the deck of the Satisfaction: the notorious Captain Morgan's ship. His next adventure on the high seas could be the making of Kemosha – and her one chance to earn enough pieces of eight to buy the freedom of her brother...

“A thrilling high seas adventure… Kemosha's indomitable spirit, determination and wit make for an unforgettable heroine.” – The Observer

“[A] stunning historical adventure… Wheatle has a big heart, an easy style and natural empathy and doesn't compromise on the grim details as he introduces us to a little taught period of history through a girl with many of the same dreams as today's teenagers.” – The Times, Children's Book of the Week

“A vivid and powerful story… Another tour de force by Alex Wheatle a truly gifted storyteller” - David Olusoga

A thrilling, incredible story with a wonderful young Black woman at its heart, told by one of the most accomplished writers in the world today. Wheatle creates a heroine who is impossible not to love and who will stay in the reader's mind and heart long after finishing the book -- Sunny Singh

Alex paints a vivid character in Kemosha, a stubborn and strong willed slave who refuses to accept defeat at every corner. It is a story about courage, determination, and never giving up. -- Kereen Getten
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