Tom Evans

The Germinatrix

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This book of short stories is both charmed and charming which was written to bring magic and wonder into the lives of its readers.
The twenty two tales, and the art works that inspired them, are short explorations and expositions of aspects of our consciousness, inspired by the 22 Keys of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The essence of these tall tales is what makes us human. Not one story takes long to listen to but their significance might take a little time to filter through to the reader’s awareness. Simply spot serendipities and chance encounters that come in after reading it to know the magic is working.
What readers are saying:
"This book gives us the encouragement to step up and step out so we can live our lives out loud in ways we may not have thought of before ..."
"It reminded me of this quote of Helen Keller, 'One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar'. What the Germinatrix awakens in the reader is the impulse to soar."
"I must remember to talk to my windows some more …"
"Ohhhh, the Perception Deception has made me cry!"
"… someday I want to hear the story of what the female seahorse does after she leaves."
Tom Evans
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