Stephanie Lam

Achieving Authenticity in Received Pronunciation - A Toolkit For Actors

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Are you an actor looking to perfect your RP accent? Look no further than our comprehensive audio course on mastering the received pronunciation accent.

Whether you're preparing for a role on stage or screen, the ability to speak with a clear and authentic RP accent can be invaluable. But learning the ins and outs of this prestigious accent can be challenging, especially if you're not a native speaker.

That's where our course comes in. With expert instruction and clear, concise lessons, we'll guide you through the basics of RP pronunciation and diction, helping you to develop a confident and authentic speaking style.

This course includes a range of tuition methods to improve your ability to speak with a received pronunciation accent. This includes firstly, specific training on the vocal movements required to create a British accent. Secondly, instruction on different word and phrase usage in British English and how certain phrases and expressions represent specific time periods depending on the role you are cast for. Also, though British and American words are similar, some are different and key word differences between British and American English are explained. Lastly, there are multiple opportunities to hear British speakers pronounce words and emulate the pronunciation. This range of instruction techniques means that however you wish to prepare for your role or audition you will find the tools to support your accent and dialect development.

From the fundamental sounds of RP to advanced techniques for mastering the accent, our course covers everything you need to know. We'll also provide plenty of opportunities for practice and feedback, so you can hone your skills and perfect your RP accent. With comprehensive training and expert instruction, you'll be speaking with confidence and authenticity in no time.
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