Emilia Hattington

The Dance of Love (Billionaire Romance Series)

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Some rules were made to be broken.
Some walls were meant to come down...
My trust in men had been destroyed by my previous employer.
I wanted never to be a nanny again.
But the story of a broken little girl caught at my heart.
I accepted the job and made one unbreakable rule for myself -
don’t ever let the boss get too close.
Too bad this boss lived to break rules.
I didn't want him. I didn't trust him.
But he really didn't care.
Loving him would mean risking the child who needed me.
But how could I hate him when he made me feel so special?
How could I resist the passion he was offering?
If I throw caution to the wind, can we all come out the other side happier than we’ve ever been? Or will the flames burn everything to the ground?
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