Harry Harrison

The Ethical Engineer

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The Ethical Engineer (1963) is a science fiction novel by Harry Harrison. Excerpt from the book: "The ship touched down and the flaring rockets died. There was only the click of cooling metal from the ship: no one emerged, nor did any of the Pyrrans seem interested enough in the newcomer to approach it. That must mean that no one had any business with it, and, of course, no curiosity either, for this along with imagination was in very short supply on the war-torn planet. Since no one else was making any moves, Jason went forward to investigate for himself. A stingwing that had escaped the perimeter guards dived towards him and he blasted it automatically with his gun. The corpse thudded to the ground and the soil churned around it as the insectile scavengers fought for the flesh; only bare bones remained by the time he had taken two paces." Artist Bio Author: Harry Harrison (1925-2012) was an American science fiction author, known for his character the Stainless Steel Rat and for his novel Make Room! Make Room!
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