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395. House of Earth and Blood, With Courts of Thorns: A Conversation with Sarah J. Maas

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This week, a much anticipated book is out: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas released on the 3rd. It’s the first in her new Crescent City series, and her first adult fantasy title. So we’re going to talk about everything - and we have some incredible questions from our Patreon community, too. They were as excited as we were about this interview, since many of them are massive fans of her Court of Thorns and Roses and her Throne of Glass series.

This is a longer interview, but it's so funny and thoughtful and very intimate, and I didn't want you to miss anything that Sarah had to say. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Emily Fisher, Publicist at Bloomsbury, for coordinating all the pre-interview details!

Thanks to Molly, Olivia, Danielle, Agnes, Taryn, and Stephanie for their questions!

CW: We talk about panic attacks 55:00-58:00 and mental health care 45:00-60:00 minutes.

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com
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