Jolie Day


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After faking my own death,
I’m back.
And now I’ve blown it.
Big time.

I wasn’t supposed to touch her.
I was ordered to watch over her, be her "bodyguard."
She’s the MC boss’s little sister,
And I’m just a guy who does her brother’s dirty work.

We’ve known each other for years,
But nothing could have prepared me for that night.
Her sass, her curves—She brought me to my knees.

When Vorn finds out I touched his sister,
I’m dead.
I’m not the guy she wants.
I’m the asshole with a dangerous past.
But I can’t bring myself to walk away.

Suddenly, things spiral out of control.
The woman I was sworn to protect is gone.
I failed to keep her safe.

But I will get her back.
And I will stop at nothing until she’s safe in my arms.
Even if that means burning down the city.

From USA Today bestselling author, Jolie Day, comes a top-of-the-line story with a breathtaking twist. This is a full-length novel that can be read as a standalone. Most certainly for adult readers only.
Jolie Day
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