Maisie Dean

Stunt Double Trouble

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Kacey Chance is a former actress turned detective. Luckily for her, acting skills come in handy during investigations.
The LA detective agency she works for is unlike any she's ever seen in the movies. It's run by three handsome, single brothers and their sassy grandmother. Kacey loves her new job. Working as a detective is the role of a lifetime.
Kacey's latest assignment is to investigate a suspicious workplace accident. The victim, who worked at local hangout Rockburger, is seeking a large cash settlement.
A stakeout at the victim's residence reveals nosy neighbors and colorful roommates who drop hints that nothing about this accident is quite as it appears. Plus there's a mysterious stranger calling in anonymous tips.
It's up to Kacey to solve the mystery of the Stunt Double Trouble, even though it may cost her dearly.
There are plenty of laughs and tons of twists in this feel-good cozy mystery from author Maisie Dean!
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