Timothy Willink

Minimalist Budget

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In today’s society, it’s very easy to drown in a sea of debt. Bank loans, credit cards, businesses could all go wrong. At the end of the month, after paying everything, you have close to nothing left for yourself. If you spend hours thinking about all the bills you have to pay, you won’t have time to live your life. In “Minimalist Budget” you will learn many tricks and strategies to save yourself from the vicious cycle of debt.
Americans have roughly $12.58 trillion in debt, and each household owes an average of $16,091 on their credit cards. Although it’s a tempting path, debt can quickly suffocate you, and that will distract you from everything important in your life, including family, friends, work, and most of all, your own happiness.

“Sometimes, Less is More” - William Shakespeare

By reading the book “Minimalist Budget”, the way you perceive money will change forever. You will learn all the secrets and effective techniques that will help you to organize and pay your bills, save money, and break past debt. The simple and objective approach of this book makes it easy to learn and apply to your life. This book will teach you the values of living in a simple way, with less possessions and more happiness.
22% of the american people have more debt in credit cards than actual savings. After reading this book you will no longer belong to those statistics; you will have the right tools to build your financial freedom.
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