Alice Rausch,Nicholas Newell

Through the Undertow

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In his plebe year at the prestigious US Naval Academy, Nick's world comes to a screeching halt. A sudden collapse lands him in the famous Walter Reed psych ward, where he must finally face the overwhelming grief and anger he feels about his father's marital infidelity. In rehab, with the help of his therapist and mother, Nick slowly comes to terms with the cascade of secrets, loss, and trauma created by his own father's many extramarital affairs. Nick's coming-of-age journey highlights the paralyzing pain of parental infidelity, a significant emotional and mental health problem in the United States, one that forces us to recognize that infidelity harms a whole family, not just a marriage. Through Nick's eyes, we are reminded of the healing nature of connection as well as the power of true leadership, purpose, and family.
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Pat Young
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