Jenny Kaczorowski

Jenny Kaczorowski is an American author of young adult romance.

Kaczorowski was raised in Avon, Ohio. She began her creative journey in her hometown newspaper and pursued a degree in photojournalism from Kent State University.

Determined to avoid the harsh Ohio winters, Kaczorowski moved to California, where she balanced her time between working for Sound Art, a non-profit teaching music in inner-city neighborhoods, and raising her two children.

Throughout her microeconomics classes, Kaczorowski wrote snippets that inspired her to write stories. She focuses on young adult fiction, preferring to write about smart and quirky heroines, nice heroes, and sweet kisses.

Her debut novel, The Art of Falling, released in 2013, delves into the life of Bria Hale, a militant vegan with a distinctive image, who finds herself falling for Ben Harris, the football team captain, challenging her self-identity and high school persona.

In 2016, Kaczorowski released a companion novel, The Trick to Landing. This story follows 16-year-old skateboarder Summer O'Neill, grappling with the aftermath of a fall, a DUI, and the complexities of living with a mother she barely knows.

The plot thickens as Summer, battling her past and probation rules, meets Sebastian Vega, whose struggle with hemophilia adds another layer to their budding relationship. The novel captures the essence of facing one's mistakes and the courage to rise above them, especially as Summer aims for redemption in the X Games qualifier.

Beyond her writing, Kaczorowski is an avid photographer and a music enthusiast despite lacking musical talent.

Jenny Kaczorowski lives near Los Angeles with her husband, son and daughter.

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