Erik Istrup

I observed my first UFO in the 8th year in public school, at noon in a recess, so I always knew that there was something out there. I did, however, later receive another vision of what UFOs are, but it is outside this topic of this book.I am a trained draftsman, technical assistant and electronic engineer, having completed my latest work as a technician in 2005 and obtained a Bachelor of Pedagogy degree in 2010.In 2003, I started at a healer school, mostly in the evenings, and completed level one in 2005, which was a major step towards a more metaphysical approach to life. During this period, I got in contact with several people, who were not in physical form, which gave me additional insights. As I got more confidence in my own abilities, I could gradually feed into information that could benefit me in my everyday life.October 25th 2011 I move to Greenland where I am working as a pedagogy with special kids.
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