Merle Nygate

Merle Nygate is a British novelist and screenwriter. She writes espionage novels and is known for her Eli Amiram series.

Born in the UK, Merle Nygate pursued higher education, earning two Master's degrees, one in screenwriting and the other in crime fiction. Nygate has worked for BBC Comedy Commissioning and contributed to various genres as a writer and script editor.

Her work includes BAFTA-winning television, New York Festival-winning audio drama, and original sitcoms. She has also lectured on screenwriting.

The first book she published was Be My Friend (2015), a psychological suspense novel, and Mother Care, a collection of short stories. They both happen in the fictional village of Darkbridge in Surrey, a seemingly idyllic location where darkness lurks beneath the surface.

However, it was with The Righteous Spy (2018), her first espionage novel, that Nygate gained significant recognition. This book earned her the Little Brown/UEA Crime Fiction Award, with the judge praising it as 'outstanding.'

Following the success of her debut in the genre, Nygate released Honour Among Spies (2024), the second installment in the Eli Amiram series. The novel continues the tale of Mossad's star spy runner, Eli Amiram, as he grapples with his conscience and loyalty amidst a high-stakes operation.

Nygate's work has garnered acclaim from peers and critics alike. Her novels have been compared to the works of John le Carré and praised for their intricate plots and deep characterizations. She has been described as a writer to watch by Charles Cumming, a Sunday Times bestselling author.

Outside of writing, Nygate is an avid cook, known among friends for her chocolate fondants and strawberry pavlovas. She also takes pride in her wallpapering skills and enjoys the tranquility of early morning writing sessions.

Merle Nygate is surrounded by her husband, three rescue dogs, and a treasured piece of Star Trek memorabilia in her personal life.

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