Randy L. Slapnicka

Randy L. Slapnicka is an American author and diver. He is the author of the novel Leave The Bottom: Cook Islands (2022), a perfect blend of fiction and non-fiction.

Randy Slapnicka was born on a small farm in Mohall, North Dakota. At nineteen years old, he decided to become a deep-sea diver and underwater welder, when up to that point, he had never seen the ocean.

The confidence in this decision allowed him to take risks in business for the rest of his life, eventually becoming a computer salesman, hardware manufacturer, stockbroker, real estate developer and broker, software developer, miner, restaurant/bar owner, cell tower developer, hemp investor, and now a novelist.

His debut book, Leave The Bottom, is the gripping tale of a marine biologist dedicated to studying octopuses. Unexpectedly, she embarks on a new journey by joining a deep-sea mining project in the Cook Islands. The operation aims to extract metallic nodules with precious minerals for the electric vehicle industry.

In this thrilling narrative, the biologist must brave the ocean depths, descending 500 feet to a saturation chamber. She faces a relentless onslaught of octopuses orchestrated by a billionaire tycoon, adding further complexity to her mission. Overcoming many challenging obstacles, she fights for survival to complete her mission.

Leave The Bottom explores themes of environmentalism and educates readers on deep sea diving, prison rehabilitation, and the poly-metallic nodules deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Randy Slapnicka splits his time between Mexico, and Arizona, USA.

Photo credit: www.leavethebottom.com
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