Janine Marsh

Janine Marsh is an English travel writer, editor, and author. She is the editor of The Good Life France Magazine and thegoodlifefrance.com. She has written three best-selling memoirs. Her work focuses on her life in rural northern France.

Janine Marsh was born in London. She cares for 72 animals in the countryside. She writes articles for various outlets and books. Marsh is active on social media, sharing content about France.
Her writing specializes in French culture and lifestyle. Topics include travel, wine, gastronomy, books, and language.

She debuted with the book My Good Life in France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream in 2017. It tells of her unexpected move from London to France. Marsh bought a rundown barn in Pas de Calais during a trip. She left her job in London to renovate the barn and embrace rural life. The book recounts her experiences with local culture and personal challenges.

Her next, My Four Seasons in France: A Year of the Good Life (2020), describes her further adventures in renovating her home. The book covers her integration into the local community.

Toujours la France! Living the Dream in Rural France (2022) follows her ongoing life in France. It includes stories of local traditions, food, and rural challenges.

Her latest work, How to be French: Eat Drink Dress Travel Love (2023), explores the essence of French living. The book is a guide to enjoying life the French way. It covers aspects like wine, fashion, and travel.

Janine Marsh is based in northern France.

Photo credit: janinemarsh.com
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