bookmate game


  • bootumlumtalahar citeretfor 5 måneder siden
    pins and needles
  • Abigail Cronjehar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    But first, the books.
  • Rita Piccicacacchihar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    You’re firing me? Seriously?’
    Emily slumped back in the chair and folded her arms.
    ‘I wouldn’t say firing, exactly.’ He pressed his hands together in a prayer-like pose under his chin and fixed her with a steely gaze. ‘With regret, I am making you redundant.’
    ‘With regret? That’s what Lord Sugar always says in The Apprentice, when he fires people.’
    ‘It isn’t personal. We’re having to let a few people go.’
    She stood up. ‘How? How can this not be personal?’
    ‘Do you think you could keep your voice down a little, please? We don’t want everyone to hear now, do we?’ He stood up too and walked past her to the windows that separated his private office from the rest of the open-plan area. She turned to watch as he closed the venetian blinds, obliterating the view of Annie from Accounts who was staring, open-mouthed. Annie would probably put a glass to the wall if she thought she could get away with it. Not that you needed a glass with these walls; they were paper-thin.
    He turned back to Emily, put a hand on
  • Finoana RATARATRINIAINAhar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    It doesn’t matter anymore; what matters is that Hannah loves me enough to want to marry me, and how could I say no to that?
  • alliah samsonhar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
    Someone else whose whole existence once meant more to you than your own ever did.
  • Sara Sarahar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    , and Alex discovers that things are not as they seem.
  • sofea suhaimihar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    I saw first-hand why that old cliché of opposites attracting could work out particularly well.
  • sofea suhaimihar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    On that oh-so ordinary, devastating day, my best friend died in my arms.
  • sofea suhaimihar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    He was on a mission to enjoy life and he was crazy madly in love with my gorgeous friend.
  • Harvinder Kaurhar citeretfor 5 måneder siden
    continued. ‘So next on the day’s fun agenda was feeding her breakfast. A simple task, wouldn’t you think? Well no, it never bloody is! I offered her cereal first. She threw the whole bowl on the floor. I offered her banana next. She smeared it over the high chair,
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