Michelle Reid

Michelle Reid is a prolific British writer of romance novels. She has been writing for Mills & Boon since 1988, with over forty books under her belt.

Michelle Reid grew up on the southern edges of Manchester, the youngest in a family of five children. She finished at secretarial college, which she hated, and then spent the next several years wandering from job to job.

Eventually, she met her husband. They married and produced two daughters. Somewhere in between her girls growing up and the grandchildren arriving on the scene, Reid started writing.

At first, she started to write by hand, scribbling short stories in notebooks that never saw the light of day. At some point, she discovered Mills & Boon Romance books.

"I’d found my new love, as in reading romantic fiction and inevitably writing it too," Michelle Reid said.

She produces some of her best-written work during the early hours of the morning.

Reid loves reading, ballet, and playing tennis. She hates cooking and cleaning and despises ironing.

Michelle Reid lives in the beautiful county of Cheshire with her busy executive husband and two grown-up daughters.



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