Alexander Lowen

The story of Alexander Lowen's life is a story of how he honored the body and healed his mind-body split. It is also the story of how, along the way, he helped mankind.During his lifetime, Alexander Lowen earned four college degrees: his Bachelor of Science; his Bachelor of Law (L.L.B); his Doctor of Sciences of Law (J.S.D.); and his medical Degree (M.D.). He developed Wilhelm Reich's beliefs into Bioenergetic Analysis and created a large and viable organization, the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA) to sustain and promote his therapeutic approach. The IIBA now has over 1500 members and 54 training institutes worldwide. Bioenergetic Analysis is now practiced not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Europe, Latin America, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and other countries.Dr. Lowen has authored 14 books (translated to as many as eight different languages, collectively) as well as numerous articles and other professional publications. He also has presented his ideas in untold numbers of interviews, on video and audio tapes, and lectures worldwide. The establishment of the Journal for Bioenergetic Analysis gave him much satisfaction since it provides an ongoing forum for examining and furthering the ideas he pioneered. When asked during an interview in 2004 what has given him the most meaning in life, he responds without hesitation, feeling the pleasure and life of the body.


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