Catherine Jones

Catherine Lace studied in different all girls schools from there until she left at eighteen. She joined the army, where she served eight years rose to the rank of Staff Captain. In the army, she met and married her husband. When she fell pregnant, the rules of the time meant that she had to leave. With three kids under four and a half, she was invited to help out with a magazine for army wives and she decide to want write.Co-authored with a fellow army wife, she wrote a non-fiction book "Gumboots and Pearls" as Annie Jones. After it, she decided wrote romance novels. She wrote six Army romance novels as Catherine Jones, she said: "I loved being in the army. I love writing about it. I was in the army for eight years and I had a great time. I hope this is reflected in my books and I hope all my readers enjoy reading them." Her novel "Praise for Sisters in Arms", shortlisted for the 1999 Romantic Novelists' Association's Award. Now she decided change the type of romance novels and started to used the pseudonym of Kate Lace. Her novel "The Chalet Girl" was nominee to Romantic Novel of the Year Award Best.She was elected the twenty-fourteenth Chairman (2007-2009) of the Romantic Novelists' Association, and she was also the captain of the RNA "University Challenge - The Professionals" team which made it to the final of the 2005 series.Her husband has left the army and their kids have grown up.
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