Clare Carson

Clare Carson is an English author of mystery, thriller, and historical fiction. She has written four novels, all published by the Head of Zeus. She released her first book, Orkney Twilight, in May 2015.

"I realize now I’m an obsessive writer. I have to put my thoughts on paper and draft and edit until I exhaust myself. I can’t order the world the way I’d like it to be, so instead, I create the worlds I want through ordering words on pieces of paper," said Carson in one of her interviews.

Clare Carson grew up in the suburbs of London. She studied anthropology at London University and lived for a while in villages in Tanzania and Zimbabwe doing ethnographic research. She has worked as an adviser on human rights and international development for nearly twenty years.

In 2015 Clare wrote in a piece in The Guardian about her father who was an undercover cop in the 1970s. He had worked for the Special Demonstration Squad, a secret police unit that infiltrated political organizations on the grounds of public security. "As a child, I knew he was doing something secret, but I didn’t know quite what," the novelist documented.

Clare Carson lives by the sea in Sussex with her partner, two daughters, and a couple of cats.

Photo credit: Charlotte Macpherson


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