Justin Sloan

Justin Sloan is an American writer of games, a fantasy author, and a screenwriter. Before becoming a full-time author, he wrote video games.

Justin Sloan writes screenplays for film and television, games, novels, metaverse, and other transmedia projects. He finds excitement in creating empowering stories that focus on character and heart, specifically within the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and is interested in myths and adventure. Having spent five years as a martial arts instructor and cryptologic linguist in the Marines, he also enjoys a good action thriller.

Justin has worked on various projects, including the Game of Thrones and Minecraft: Story Mode games, various mobile and indie titles, and top blockchain projects. Additionally, he has published over fifty novels.

His studies have included film at Long Beach City College, study abroad in Japan, Korea, and Italy, graduate-level screenwriting at UCLA, and an MA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Johns Hopkins.

He has had the opportunity to participate in the Netflix Animation Foundation program and the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project.

Justin Sloan lives in Los Angeles.

Photo credit: www.justinsloanauthor.com


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