Barbara Cartland

Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland, DBE, CStJ (born 1901, died 2000) was an English author of romance novels, one of the best-selling authors as well as one of the most prolific and commercially successful worldwide of the 20th century. Her 723 novels were translated into 38 languages and she continues to be referenced in the Guinness World Records for the most novels published in a single year in 1976. As Barbara Cartland she is known for her numerous romantic novels but she also wrote under her married name of Barbara McCorquodale and briefly under the pseudonym of Marcus Belfry. She wrote more than 700 books, as well as plays, music, verse, drama, magazine articles and operetta, and was a prominent philanthropist. She reportedly sold more than 750 million copies. Some of her noteworthy works include A Hazard of Hearts (1949), The Wicked Marquis (1973) and The Duke and the Preacher's Daughter (1978).
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she said with an exaggerated intonation, smiling up at him provocatively, her long mascaraed eyelashes flickering against the pink and white of her complexion.
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shall push the horses to the uttermost. I trust you will not find it too tiring.”
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“Now here’s your hot toddy, my Lady,”


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“Not at all!” she stressed decidedly. “Brilliance is quite out of place in the English aristocracy. Fortunately you show no sign of it.” - 😂😂😂

Lady Hester sighed. “It’s a problem, isn’t it? Oh, how I wish this was the eighteenth century, when it was easier to have people assassinated.” Charles choked slightly into his coffee. “Mama please, I beg you not to say things like that. I know you’re only joking –”
“Am I? Well, yes I suppose I am. - lol this was a funny book!

The fact that she herself seemed untroubled by any danger briefly sank this argument, but he remembered in time that it was for a man’s superior intellect to judge these things. Women were frail and should be protected from their own rashness. - 😏😒

“Not impossible at all. Young girls have strange tastes. Look at the way she used to like you. That should show you.” “Are you ever serious?” Charles demanded scathingly. - Never knew Cartland's sense of humour would extend into her fluffy novels.

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    “I have written articles on hunting - yes, killing innocent animals for sport. How "noble"...😡

    “Is not a woman duty bound to obey her lord and master?” he asked. - horseshit, ridiculous!

    “When a girl falls in love with a man, she is in his power. Most men are so unimpressive that it would be a foolhardy girl who would fall into their power if she could avoid it.” 😂

    “Yes, Charles can be extremely stupid when it is necessary,” said Madame Rivalier. She could not resist adding, with wifely frankness, “also at other times when it is most inconvenient.” 🎵😂😂😂😂

    “I should shoot you down like a dog – it is what you deserve,” he growled. “But it would be too good for you. I am taking you back to England. You will answer to the law for murder.” - dogs are loyal, loving and intelligent. Far more worthy than most people...

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    Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

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