Margaret Doody

Aka Margaret Anne DoodyMargaret Anne Doody (born 1939) is a professor of literature at the University of Notre Dame, and helped found the PhD in Literature Program at Notre Dame ( She served as its director from 2001-2007. Joseph Buttigieg has since become director.Although historical detective stories are now a flourishing genre, with Steven Saylor and Lindsey Davis being particularly prominent in the field of detective stories set in classical antiquity, back in 1978, when Aristotle Detective was first published, Doody was something of a pioneer in the genre. Recently she has added four more to the series featuring Aristotle as a 4th Century B.C. detective.There is also a novella, Anello di bronzo (Ring of Bronze), currently available only in Italian.Doody's "Aristotle" books and are published in Italy by Sellerio editore, which also produced a translation of The Alchemists. In France the mystery novels are published by 10/18. They are also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Greek; individual novels have recently been appeared in Polish and Russian.


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