LG Jensen

Lars G. Jensen (Lars Tietgen, often called LG Jensen) is a Danish writer for children and young adults. Jensen helped start the so-called "boys' literature" with his novels Ulvebrigaden (The Wolf Brigade) and MilkyWay Meat: The Sand Demon.

LG Jensen was born in Ringsted, Denmark. Jensen attended Valdemarskolen in Ringsted and was then an exchange student for Rotary International. He spent a year at high school in Chicago before continuing his education at Haslev Gymnasium and Haslev Seminarium.

Jensen had several small jobs as a tattoo artist, musician, actor, writer, and critic before he started working as a school teacher.

Since his debut as an author in 2006 with Ulvebrigaden, LG Jensen has published several books for children and young people, including the series about the Master Thief VIPs and the series Bulder & Brag.

Lars G. Jensen now lives in Rødovre and mainly finances his writing as a church servant and lecturer.

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